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Cycling Terms

Stage Race – The Joe Martin Stage Race is contested under this type of racing. A multi-day race that is comprised of daily “stage” races (typically made up of time trial, road race, and criterium) in which the cumulative time at the end of the stages determines the winner. Stage races can last anywhere from three to 25 days. The Tour de France is the most famous example of a stage race.

Breakaway - A breakaway can be one or a small group of cyclists out in front of the peloton who are attempting to distance themselves from the pursuing group.

Chase Group - This is a small group of cyclists who are out ahead of the peloton attempting to catch those in the breakaway.

Criterium – A multi-lap, one-day race around a relatively short course. Laps typically are usually less than one mile. Criteriums often take place in urban areas with sharp turns and fierce, competitive sprints are common. The final event of the Joe Martin Stage Race.

Domestique – A French term for the riders who support their team leader in the race. A domestique's goal is not to win the race for themselves, but to help their team leader win by protecting the leader from wind, chasing down attacking riders, etc. They are the unsung heroes of the peloton.

Drafting – As in car racing, riding close behind another rider gives a cyclist an advantage by protecting the rider from the wind. Drafting requires 20 percent less effort than riding in the open air. (See “Lead Out”)

Drop – To ride away from following riders who cannot keep up the same pace.

Feed Zone – A designated area along the route where riders can grab “musette bags” filled with food and drinks as they ride by. Each team has their own bags that they hand off to their riders. There is an unwritten rule in the peloton that riders should not attack the field while the riders are going through the feed zone.

Field Sprint – A mass sprint among the peloton, or the largest group of riders in the day's stage, that occurs at the finish line. This can be one of the most exciting scenes in all of sports.

General Classification (G.C.) – The overall leader board in the race showing each rider's total cumulative time in the race.

Individual Winner: The winner with the lowest accumulative time including bonuses and penalties wins.

Leader’s Jersey -  This is the yellow and pink jerseys (men and women respectively) presented daily to the person with the lowest accumulative time.

Sprinter’s Jersey -  Points earned by the top 5 cyclists placings on pre-determined sprint sites on the course determines who wears the green jersey.

Young Rider's Jersey -  Points earned by the top 5 under the age of 23 cyclists placings on who wears the white jersey.

Gruppetto – A group of riders that form at the back of the field on mountain stages, who ride at a pace that allows them to finish just inside the time limit (see Time Cut). Usually the gruppetto is comprised of sprinters and other riders that are not climbing specialists or race leaders. Gruppetto is Italian for “a small group.”

Lead Out – When one rider sets a fast pace for a teammate, who is drafting from behind. This is typically done in the sprints, allowing the following rider to be shielded from the wind until the last possible moment when they sprint for the line.

Peloton – The main field, or pack, of riders in the race. Peloton is French for “platoon.”

Time Cut – Mostly applicable to the Grand Tours. On each stage all riders must finish within a certain percentage of the winner's time to remain in the race. Those who are unable to make the cut are disqualified from the race.

Time Trial – Also called the “Race of Truth.” Each rider competes individually in a time trial, racing against the clock. Each rider begins alone, followed by another rider thirty seconds to one minute later. Riders can pass each other on the course but they are not allowed to draft off of each other. Team time trials involve each team riding as a unit against the clock, where they are allowed to draft off of themselves but not off of other teams on the course.

UCI - Union Cycliste Internationale, the governing body for all cycling in the world including the Olympics. They are based in Switzerland.

PRT - USA Cycling Pro Road Tour (PRT) showcases the premier domestic road calendar events in the U.S., including criteriums, road races, stage races and omniums. Over six months and spanning from coast to coast, the PRT will include overall individual and team rankings for men and women, crowning PRT Champions following the 23-event calendar.  The Pro Road Tour features the nation's top Pro-Am road race events, boasts a total prize purse of more than one million dollars and is open to both professional and amateur cyclists.  

USA Cycling - This is the governing body for all cycling in the United States recognized by UCI. USA Cycling is based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Grand Tour – Refers to one of the three, three-week major cycling stage races: Tour de France, Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy), and Vuelta a Espa–a (Tour of Spain).



Thursday Pro/Elite Road Race - April 12

Category Start Time Distance Est. Finish Time
Pro Men 1 12:30 pm 113 miles 5:00 pm
Pro Women 1,2 1:15 pm 68 miles 4:00 pm
Elite Men 1, 2 11:15 am 81 miles 2:30 pm

Friday Pro/Elite Road Race - April 13

Category Start Time Distance Finish Time
Pro Men 1 11:30 am 110 miles 4:00 pm
Pro Women 1,2 12:15 pm 64 miles 2:45 pm
Elite Men 1, 2 10:45 am 110 miles 3:15 pm

Saturday Pro/Elite Uphill Time Trial - April 14

Category Start Time Distance Avg Grade
Elite Men 1,2 8:00 am 3 miles 5 %
Pro Women 1,2
9:30 am
3 miles 5 %
Pro Men 1
10:30 am
3 miles 5 %

Saturday Amateur Road Race - April 14

Category Start Time Distance Finish Time
Men 3, 4 12:00 pm 51 miles 2:25 pm
Men Master B 12:10 pm 51 miles 2:35 pm
Men 4, 5 12:20 pm 51 miles 2:50 pm
Women 3,4,5 & Master 12:30 pm 51 miles 3:10 pm
Men 1, 2 (2-day, 2-stage) 3:00 pm 64 miles 5:45 pm
Men Master A 3:10 pm
64 miles
6:00 pm
Men 2, 3 3:20 pm 64 miles 6:15 pm
Women 2, 3
3:25 pm
64 miles
6:25 pm

Sunday Criterium - April 15

Category Start Time Race Time / Laps
Men Cat 4, 5 8:00 am 25 minutes
Women 3, 4, 5 8:35 am 25 minutes
Master Women 40+, 50+ 8:36 am 25 minutes
Men Master B 9:10 am 30 minutes
Men 3, 4 9:50 am 35 minutes
Women 2, 3 10:30 am 35 minutes
Men Master A 11:15 am 40 minutes
Men 2, 3 12:05 pm 40 minutes
Men 1, 2 (2-day, 2-stage) 1:00 pm 40 minutes
Kid's Ride (FREE) Ages 3-9 1:45 pm varying distances
Pro Women 1, 2 2:00 pm 16 laps
Pro Men 1 3:00 pm 30 laps
Elite Men  1, 2 4:30 pm 18 laps

Kids Ride


Each year on the final day of the Joe Martin Stage Race, race organizers work to promote cycling to the next generation of cyclists. This year in conjunction with the Fayetteville Public Schools and the local cycling team, Fayetteville Wheelmen; a free kid's fun ride for ages three through twelve years of age will take place during the criterium. Parents are encouraged to bring their children for a fun and supportive spin around the square. Ages three to twelve will have the opportunity to ride their tricycles or bicycles on a portion of the same course as the Pros. 

Course Instruction and Map - Map - printable pdf
The 3-5 year olds will pedal their little legs approximately 25 yards in front of thousands of cheering fans and 6-9 year olds will ride a two block version of the course. The map shows the route for each age group, plus where registration and parking areas are located. Each child receives a participation medal for making the trip around the course. This event is meant to promote health and participation - all are winners!

Attention Parents 
Please download the Kid's Registration/Release Form - printable pdf. The registration/release forms will be available at the kid's registration tent at the intersection of Church Ave. and Mountain St. from Noon to 1:30pm. To access the kid's registration area, turn east on Mountain St. from School Ave. Parking will be available in the city municipal lots located near the registration tent.  See Google Map link for exact location - GPS Coordinates N 36.061793, W 094.162537

Race logistics and support for the Kid's event provided by:

Viewing Spots

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 Thursday - Road Race - Pro/Elite only

A change of format in 2018 will see the first stage now a road race.  This race will finish on top of the iconic Mount Sequoyah by way of Spring Street over to Assemby and then through the gates for a true uphill finish.  This will have great energy with spectators lining our hilly streets to get an upclose and personal view of what a pro cyclists experiences at the end of a long day in the saddle!  Specific course informaiton to be announced.

A bike race finish is an all-out sprint that no matter how tired the riders are or how long they've been in the saddle; they sprint like there is no tomorrow! Come enjoy the shopping, restaurants, live music and happy hours before and after the races. Oh did we mention - fans and spectators of a bike racing event pay no admission - it's FREE!

Friday - Road Race - Pro/Elite only

The second event is a road race for the Pro category Women 1,2 and Men 1, as well as the Men 1,2 categories. The finishes of all three races will be on Church Street in the heart of downtown Fayetteville and the retail and entertainment district of Fayetteville. The anticipated finish for the women's race is approximately 2:45 PM, the Men 1,2 race 3:15 PM and the Pro men's race is 4:00 PM. 

A bike race finish is an all-out sprint that no matter how tired the riders are or how long they've been in the saddle; they sprint like there is no tomorrow! Come enjoy the shopping, restaurants, live music and happy hours before and after the races. Oh did we mention - fans and spectators of a bike racing event pay no admission - it's FREE!

Saturday morning - Time Trial - Pro/Elite only

If you've not been to Devil's Den State Park before, you're in for a real treat. Be sure to visit in the fall, the leaves are spectacular! The third event is a time trial for the Pro category Women 1,2 and Men 1, as well as the Men 1,2 categories only. Devil's Den State Park is the site of the Thursday afternoon event, an uphill "Time Trial". Race Schedule to see the estimated start times in the time trial for all categories. Go to the start and catch some of the action as riders leave the start house; walk up the course (be careful of riders) or the finish line.  Seeing these competitors cross the line completely exhausted is inspiring, emotional and a little a painful. Directions to Devil's Den State Park, 1133 West Arkansas Highway 74 Winslow, Arkansas 72959. Depending upon arrival time, you must use the appropriate entry to the park. Before 11am arrival - take I-49 south to exit 45, turn west/right on Hwy. 74. After 11am arrival - take I-49 south to exit 53, turn west/right and then proceed south on Hwy 170 to Devil's Den State Park. See Course Details and Maps for more information.

Saturday - Amateur

The first event for the amateur category riders will be a road race. The course will take the competitors from Prairie Grove, Arkansas to the Hogeye loop.  From Hogeye riders will proceed on the tradition 23-mile loop. There are two main areas for prime viewing:

1. The start/finish of the road race take place in Prairie Grove, Arkansas on old Hwy 62. See Race Schedule for estimated finish times in the Saturday road race for all categories.

2. "The Wall", found on Hwy. 156 approximately 3 miles east of the intersection of Hwy. 265 and Hwy. 156, is a difficult climb for the riders, as well as the "feed zone" area. Please be respectful of the residents in the area and the racers that will be riding on the course. We encourage you to park at the white church as you enter Hogeye and walk, but if you decide to drive to "The Wall" area, please drive past the "feed zone" and park off the road.

Sunday - Criterium - all levels

The final and the most spectator-friendly stage of the events. The Start/Finish line and vendor expo will be at the intersection of Center St. and Church Ave. The criterium is the final stage of the Joe Martin Stage Race with the leaders from the previous stages looking to hold their advantages while the other competitors try to overtake them in the overall standings. The racing action is fast and furious with riders going at speeds over 35 miles per hour around ninety-degree turns with handlebars and shoulders touching.

You will find some of the streets blocked to traffic in the downtown area, but park your car in one of the many open parking lots available on Sunday or on Mountain St., or portions of Center St. The walk will be worth the effort. Bring the family and enjoy the vendor expo, free kid's ride, community cruiser parade and some exciting racing action on the streets of downtown Fayetteville.

To see a map of the criterium course go to Course Details and Maps to view the downtown area. See Race Schedule to see the estimated start times for all of Sunday's categories.

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All Sports Productions

All Sports ProductionsThe Joe Martin Stage Race is an All Sports Productions event. All Sports Productions promotes cycling, running, duathlons, triathlons, adventure runs and other outdoor events. Our goal is to produce races at the highest standards which are locally, regionally and nationally recognized events with a festival-like atmosphere.

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Photos / Media

NWAPhoto.com will be providing amazing photos of the Joe Martin Stage Race.

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